​Flat Bed Service

Car Accident

Our flatbed trucks are usually called in to perform a variety of services that include long distance towing and towing a whole bunch of special vehicles. As we are sure that you have heard they are great for transporting cars on long distance trips. Since the entirety of the vehicle is placed on top of the truck. You would probably be surprised though the number of jobs that can get done in these types of trucks. We can even carry certain types of equipment. We also provide heavy duty towing service.

How Do I Know If I Need A Flatbed Not A Repo Truck?

The main difference between the two trucks is obviously the way that they tow vehicles. Yet, they kind of get the same types of jobs done. At times a repo truck is the better option because it can pick up even pieces of broken cars and move them someplace else. The main issue though that they have that can be solved by using a flatbed truck is having part of the car on the ground. This is obviously not a great idea for long distances. Again it depends on the size of the vehicle and the type of service that you will be needing to complete.

Motor Cycles

Towing motorcycles is really not as easy as one would think. Sure most dirt bikes can fit on the back of some of pick up trucks. If you have a street bike or a chopper through, things are significantly different. For the most part, we don’t like to use repo trucks on them because we would need to use the chains a lot more almost to wrap them around the whole bike. Since flatbed tow trucks are essentially a huge pickup truck we like to use them on bikes. We can tie the bikes down to the side of the flatbed for better stability.

Exotic Cars

Through the years we’ve really learned to love when people give us a call asking if we can take one of their exotic cars someplace. We know the amount of work that goes into all of these cars. That is why we instruct all of our staff to be extra careful with these types of cars. Most of the times the owner is literally putting his trust in us to treat his car the same way that he would. We have to look to honor that trust! We can take these cars a long distance as well!

Long Distance Towing

We’ve pretty much covered most of the reasons why flatbed tow trucks are a great option for long distance towing. Still, we know that some people may be or on the fence between using a flatbed truck or not because they don’t have a roof. Even without a roof flatbeds are usually a lot easier to handle than other trucks and that can give you an advantage as you will have a quicker service provided. Call or contact us to ask about how far we can travel outside Orlando!

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