Parking Enforcement

Parking Enforcement

Tired of people using your private property as their own personal parking lot? There is no reason that you have to put up with those kinds of things. What you need is a towing service that can help you with parking enforcement. There are quite a bit of things though that you need to take care of before you can actually just tow a car away. We can help you make sure that everything is perfectly set up so that you can legally tow someone else’s car! You can also check our service list.

Legal Requirements

The legal requirements needed to legally tow a car that isn’t your own vary from state to state. The important here though is to make sure that you can legally get a car impounded without it causing you any legal trouble. For the most part, the legal requirements include having signs up on the property to alert drivers of the consequences that could come from leaving their car parked there. This is mostly for parking lots and business though. If you have a random car blocking your driveway that is enough to call in and get it towed right away. Without having to fear any potential legal issues.

Repo Trucks

To perform these services we usually send out are normal repo trucks. They are the type of tow truck that elevates the front of the car with chains and leaves the back wheels still in use for the eternity of the towing service. It is important to note that when performing this service we need to make sure that no damage is done to the car. Calling up just any old tow truck service and getting the car that is being towed damaged could bring legal consequences to you even though you are the one that was affected by the car’s wrong parking.

Winch Out Services

A lot of people ask about how we can tow a car properly when it is parked between to cars or inside an indoor parking lot. In most cases, our trucks can’t fit under the indoor parking lot roof. What we typically do in these cases is provide a winch out services and literally drag the car out of the parking lot before we lift it onto the truck. If it is a big underground parking lot that we are talking about then one of the best options is to provide the winch out service with one of the trucks that we use for roadside assistance.

I Was The One Impounded!

At times we can get careless and leave our cars parked in places where they just shouldn’t be. This can lead to getting your car impounded. Getting to the impound can be a problem because you don’t have a car! If you are going through this situation we can help provide impound recovery services. We pick the car up from the impound and deliver it to were it needs to be. We can also do this for wrecked cars! Call or contact us today to get your car back.

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