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The moments after you have just been in a wreck, chances are you won’t really be thinking straight. If you have come out of the wreck feeling ok make sure to give us a call as quickly as possible. That way we can be on our way and arrive to get your car to the nearest repair shop or the service that you trust. When things like this happen it is always beneficial to have a go-to service that you can call upon and be sure that they are going to do a good job of getting you home safe. We also provide flat bed service.

What Does The Wrecker Service Include?

This is a question that we get asked quite often. Our answer is usually something along the lines of we really don’t sell these services as a package. The reason behind that is that each wreck is unique. For the most when we do wrecker services we give the wrecked car a ride to the shop. Other services though are not so simple. Sometimes cars need to be put in their original position before they can actually be towed. This requires the use of a truck with a special crane. Not just your average repo truck. What we can guarantee though is that we will get your car out of the side of the road and somewhere safe.

Impound Recovery

After a wreck, your car may end up in your local impound. If the damages are extensive enough that it can’t be driven out after you pay the fines then you are going to need a lift to the repair shop. That is were our impound recovery services come in. We will get to the local impound make sure that everything is taken care off so that your car can be towed to its next location. We can help you make sure that all of the papers are in order so you don’t encounter any more problems down the road!

Winch Outs

Sometimes your car was just run too far off the road for us to able to pick it up where it lay and take it to a new location. When this happens you are going to require a winch out service. Some of the times that we provide winch out services people are actually able to drive their car away if the damage suffered were not that great. Trying to get out of a muddy place or tough terrain on your own could lead to some pretty bad consequences. Call us so we can help!

Junk Car Removal

We really hope that things never come to this, but at times it happens. You get in a wreck and the damages are so great that the car just is beyond repair. We can pick it up and take it somewhere that you may be able to sell it for parts and get a little bit of money back. In these extreme cases sometimes it is better to cut your losses and move on!

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